What are the Erogenous Zones?

We talk a LOT about the erogenous zones… but what exactly are they? How many are there REALLY? And why are they so important when it comes to self-pleasure, foreplay, sex and orgasm?

Prostate Massage & P-Spot Orgasm

Guys, if you’re interested in experiencing a whole new world of pleasure, it’s time to explore prostate massage. There are some fantastic massagers and vibes dedicated to stimulating the prostate for mind-blowing, full-body orgasms. Let’s get started!

Egg Vibes for Easter

They’re delightfully discreet – but you should never underestimate an egg vibe! Also known as ‘love eggs’, these small but powerful vibrators can seriously up the ante during foreplay and sex – providing deeper, full-body orgasms

It’s International Beaver Day

Today is International Beaver Day! And what better way to mark the occasion than by sharing seven must-know facts about beavers…

The Only Rabbit You’ll Need this Easter

Easter is coming up, and we’ve got just the thing to keep a smile on your dial aaaall long weekend! Forget chocolate bunnies. Grab yourself a Rabbit. There's a reason this cute little cotton-tail is a symbol of fertility and sex!

Talk Dirty to Me...

Are you a Chatty Kathy in the bedroom, or more of the strong-and-silent type? It turns out, there’s a reason so many of us love a little dirty talk! If you’ve been too embarrassed or shy to give it a whirl, now’s the time to give dirty talk the old college try.

What's Your Safeword?

If you’re exploring the world of kink and BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism), establishing a safeword with your partner is vital in making sure the sex you're having is safe and consensual.

A Beginner's Guide to Wands
Want to put a little MAGIC into your Big O? Few toys get the job done faster – and more intensely – than a wand! After all… there’s a reason Hitachi’s wand has been a bestseller since the ‘70s.
Let’s Talk Remote Control Sex Toys
Want to spice things up with a new sex toy you can enjoy withyour partner? Ready to explore new sensations, or tip your toe in the water of control and submission? Let's talk remote control sex toys and vibes!
What is Anal Edging?

If you’re curious about anal playbut you’re not ready for – or interested – in analsex, anal edging may be right up your… alley. Wink, wink. Here’s what it’s all about and how you can explore this highly sensitive erogenous zone pleasurably and safely.

Valentine’s Gifts for Couples

Searching for a fun and frisky gift to share as a couple this Valentine’s Day? Whatever your budget, Sinful has you covered with a wide range of naughty and nice Valentine’s Day gifts for couples – carefully selected to spice up your night!

Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women
Looking for a luxury Valentine’s gift for the woman in your life? Give her the gift of pure pleasure this V-Day, with a high-end sex toy that’s bound to blow her mind.
What’s the Deal with Clit Sucking Toys?

If you have a clitoris and haven’t already tried one for yourself, what are you waiting for?! Clit sucking toys have revolutionised the adult toy industry, promising practically instant and more intense orgasms. Yes, please!

February New Arrivals

January CAME and went faster than a disappointing Tinder date! If you’re freaking out about the fact that it’s already February, we’ve got plenty of new arrivals to spice up the month ahead and help you keep those frisky summer vibes going!

The Best Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Looking for a great gift for the man in your life? You can’t go wrong when you appeal to his inner horn-dog! Whether he’s sweet vanilla or a sinful Dom-Daddy, we’ve got something to tease and please your Valentine, no matter what his kink.

Solid Erex – The Skinny on Sinful’s New Year Best Seller

Is your New Year off with a BANG? It certainly seems to be the case for many of our customers – with Solid Erex For Men taking the lead as our best-selling product this month! Learn why...

Introducing… VUSH!

What do you and Cardi B have in common? Aside from being an absolute baddie who knows her worth and oozes sex appeal? Your new favourite Vush sex toy, now proudly available online via Sinful!

Keeping it Kinky During Lockdown

In the midst of a national lockdown, entertainment options are pretty limited. Thankfully, there’s one activity every grown up can do while stuck at home…

Your Glass Sex Toys Questions Answered!

Ready for a new world of sensations? Glass sex toys don't just look pretty. They offer some serious perks that other toys don't. Get the skinny on glass wands, anal toys and dildos.

The Wonderful World of Fucking Machines
Curious about fucking machines? You’re not alone! With early inventions dating as far back at the 16th century it seems a LOT of people have a taste for the auto-erotic.
Happy Masturbation Month!
May is International Masturbation Month! Whether you refer to it as wanking, jerkin’ the gherkin, flicking the bean or rubbing one out, masturbating is not only normal – but actually good for you!