Japanese Drip Candles

Japanese Drip Candles

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Imagine it - the hot wax dripping onto your body, making it shudder with delight. Imagine the sensual (consensual) control of dripping these gorgeous candles onto your lover's body. Watching their orgasmic delight. It's time to get into wax play!

Wax play is so much fun and it's so pleasurable. But you absolutely need the right candles. These sleek Japanese drip candles are specially formulated for the body. Whether you already enjoy BDSM or you are looking to introduce a little pleasure with pain for gentle bondage play, these candles will tease and arouse your partner like never before!

Paint your lover's body with these sensual candles in crimson, indigo and jet black. A picture tells a thousand words and your partner will be screaming with pleasure when you use their scan as a canvas, these candles as your brush.

Simply drip the wax over their body for exciting sensations and easily peel off for clean up.

Measurements: Each candle measures approx. 5.5 inches (13cm) in length.

These candles come in a three-pack in three colours.

Remember: Everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, and pain levels that they enjoy, so no matter which candle you decide to use, it’s important to test a little bit before you jump into it. It’s always important to test the candle on yourself first, as opposed to testing on someone else, so you can understand what your partner will feel. It’s always safest to drip the wax from further away, instead of pouring it up close, and ensure that the wax doesn’t get near their face. Always set a safe word as well, just in case.

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