Sexy Sherif 7 Piece Costume

Sexy Sherif 7 Piece Costume

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Don't let any lewd behaviour slide when you wear this 7 Piece sultry sheriff set. Whether your lover has been naughty or nice, you decide their fate.

Contained within this set is a hat, vest, baton, badge, walkie-talkie and a pair of Lycra shorts. You won't only look the part with this set, you'll feel like it too - no one will want to mess with you when you hold the power in the bedroom! With cheeky Lycra shorts and a revealing vest, this set is ultra-seductive and creates an aggressive look that is perfect for demonstrating your authority!

Product Features:
  • Materials: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Hand wash and hang dry to minimise the chance of damage occurring

Note: Sunglasses and boots not included.