The Only Rabbit You’ll Need this Easter


Easter is coming up, and we’ve got just the thing to keep a smile on your dial aaaall long weekend! Forget chocolate bunnies. Grab yourself a Rabbit.

From a Pagan Symbol to a Pop Culture Icon

The exact origins of the Easter bunny are shrouded in mystery. One theory is that the symbol of the rabbit stems from pagan festival of Eostre, which honoured the goddess of fertility and spring and whose animal symbol was – funnily enough – a rabbit.

Rabbits have traditionally symbolised fertility because they like sex. They like it a lot. In fact, they’re so famous for their energetic breeding habits and prolific sexual activity that we have phrases like “fuck like bunnies” and their likeness has been appropriated by pop-cultural giants such as Playboy. Hugh Hefner saw rabbits as icons of female sexual playfulness, and used the motif of the bunny not only for the Playboy logo, but also as inspiration for the iconic Playboy Bunny costumes.

The bunny’s cutesy-yet-horny image also inspired perhaps one of the most famous sex toys to date: The Rabbit vibrator. Shooting to stardom after being features in an episode of Sex in the City, The Rabbit was invented by Vibratex – the first sex toy manufacturer to take dual-action vibrators (with internal and external components) to the U.S.A. Because the toys were made in Japan, the devices were shaped to look like animals and came in bright colours to circumvent the country's laws surrounding “obscenity”.

The original Rabbit vibe inspired countless others, and hundreds (if not thousands) of weird and wonderful variations from manufacturers all around the world. The classic bunny-eared style has remained a firm favourite, though, thanks to the oh-so-convenient positioning of the ears to tease and stimulate the clitoris.

If you want to get off this Easter, get yourself a bunny vibe, PRONTO!


Perfect for couples and available in pink or blue, this stretchable silicone cock ring features a bunny ear clitoral stimulator for her pleasure and a removeable, push-button bullet vibe. Designed for a snug fit, the cock ring enhances his natural size and stamina, while sending good vibrations through the base of the shaft and beyond. It’s ideal for a traditional cowgirl position, but let your imagination be your guide!


Ladies, if you love simultaneous stimulation across all your hot zones, the Silicone Rabbit Vibrator with Anal Beads is guaranteed to wag your cotton-tail. Made from body-safe, medical grade silicone, it features 7 delicious speeds, a rabbit-ear clitoral stimulator, a curved shaft with an insertable length of 12cm, and flexible anal beads for added pleasure. This toy is USB rechargeable and completely waterproof for play in the shower or the tub. 


Why settle for 10 speeds when you can have 20?! Featuring delightful ergonomic curves in all the right places – along with a ridged ‘head’ for added sensation, our 20-Speed Purple Silicone Rabbit Vibrator is USB rechargeable, waterproof and gently heats for increased intensity. Made from body-safe, medical grade silicone, this silky-smooth vibe offers an insertable length of 11cm and extra-flexible bunny ears that pivot to the perfect position.


Like strong, targeted vibrations? The Sinful Frolic Bunny Waterproof 10 speed Vibrator is built for power with TRIPLE vibrator motors for maximum enjoyment. Made from body-safe, medical grade silicone, it offers an insertable length of 10cm and 10 vibration functions – including one-key burst mode to really get your motor running. The bunny ears of this vibe feature subtle texturing for added sensation, and the slightly thicker head offers a delightful feeling of fullness. USB rechargeable and waterproof for added convenience.


The ultimate treat for self-proclaimed “lazy girls” who like to lay back while someone else does all the work! This vibe does it all – from intense clitoral stimulation to its swirling head and thrusting shaft – to send you right over the edge. USB rechargeable, waterproof and available in pink or purple, this waterproof vibe is made from body-safe, medical grade silicone and features 9 vibration speeds and an insertable length of 10cm.